Our Shop, Your Shop (Franchising)


It is Organic Baby’s responsibility to promote the benefits of organic farming, that’s why we’re sharing our business with partners who are interested at bringing Organic Baby Stores in their countries.




To become Organic Baby’s Franchisee, you can enjoy the below service from our team of professionals:

-          Image of a High Quality Shop under the name of ‘Organic Baby’

-          Advise on best locations

-          Integral design project of a new store

-          Professional Retail operational trainings

-          Comprehensive Marketing Exposures



Becoming our Country/Regional distributor 

Feel like you’re a suitable distributor for Organic Baby’s Private Labels that are ethically made and design in Hong Kong!  Don’t hesitate to email us for our catalogues!


Email: info@organicbaby.com.hk

Tel: (852) 2882 6008
Fax: (852) 2882 8481